Apple iPhone Bug: Crashes Iphone to Reboot With a Single Text Message

January 31, 2017

A flaw that is caused in Apple iPhones is allowing pranksters to turn off some other’s phones remotely without any kind of permission from the person who owns the mobile. The flaw that the Apple iOS users are facing is that whenever they receive a text message then automatically, the Messages app gets crashed and the iPhone that has received the message gets turn off suddenly. Again the phone reboots by itself without the user’s influence by Spychecker-tricks and tips.
Reddit has recently detected this bug that is worrying the iPhone users. By sending a certain message that includes a string of text to some other iPhone user, then the recipient’s phone is forced to crash and reboot automatically.

Issues regarding the iPhone Flaw

The flaw that is troubling the users depends on the way users handle the notifications and Unicode in their iPhone.
Whenever a recipient receives a text message, it will be displayed in two forms on the lock screen either as a banner alert or a notification. The device attempts to abbreviate the string of text in the message using an ellipsis. Ellipsis is a kind of omission from speech or writing of words. If that particular ellipsis is placed in the mid of group of non-Latin script characters like Arabic, Chinese and Marathi, this issue leads the device to crash and reboot.

You can scroll down to have a glance at the video.

The video displays how does a phone gets crashed whenever a message from an iPhone handset is sent to other iPhone device. In this video, you can view the first handset sends a message to the other mobile. The message includes a word ‘Power’ along with some characters in Arabic and Marathi. There is one more character in the Chinese language that means ‘redundant’.

Messages that cause crash
The major flaw is crashing messages and rebooting the iPhone device of the recipient when an Apple handset running iOS user sends that message.

According to a working theory from Reddit thread elucidates that, the phone struggles with displaying the non-Western characters in banner notifications and the alerts you receive to pop down from the top of the iPhone screen. Eventually, that causes the phone to reboot. This kind of problem has shown up before, in iOS 6, numerous Reddit posters said.

Mark James who is a security specialist at ESET [Essential Security against Evolving Threats] elucidates the problem: “This bug manifests itself when banner notifications are switched on for SMS messages and then displayed on your phone. The resulting action is that the message is not displayed completely which leads to reboot option.

Protect your iPhone against this flaw

When you receive a malicious text message, don’t open the text thread. Before that you have to turn off banner notifications and text previews so as to prevent your iPhone being crashed because of this flaw.

The best way to avoid this crash being happened over the recipient’s phone is by sending the text message to anyone else who is in the first place. Another best option is to send a message yourself via Siri, the share sheet, or from your Mac device.

Apple iOS bug crashes other’s phone

Apple is working to sort out this bug and lets all hope this problem will be fixed very soon. They just informed that the issue will be fixed as soon as possible but not given exact date.

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