Meet our Certifieds

    • Kelley Prince, M.A., BCBA

      “Rewarding Career Helping Families and Children…”

    • Marilyn Prcic, M.S., BCBA
      Director of Clinical Operations

      “Active Involvement in the Community…”

    • Catherine Ganem, M.A., BCBA
      Clinical Programs and Training Coordinator, Tampa

      “Solid Training Program with Collaborative Analysis…”

    • Blair Ortman, M.A., BCBA
      Clinical Coordinator, Tampa

      “Best Internal ABA Module Training…”

    • Danielle Sanchez Ed.S., BCBA
      Clinical Coordinator, Tampa

      “A fun and collaborative atmosphere where you can make a difference in the lives of children and their families!”

    • Didiana De La Osa, M.S., BCBA
      Clinical Coordinator, Wesley Chapel

      “Helping Children Improve Their Quality of Life…”

    • Heatherann Tenowich, M.A., BCBA
      Clinical Coordinator, Wesley Chapel

      “Progress Not Only in the Data Collected but in the Quality of Life…”

    • Dru Millerwise, M.A., BCBA
      Clinical Coordinator, Brandon

      “I want to make a meaningful impact on the lives of my clients and their families.”

    • Amarilys Morales, B.A., BCBA
      Behavior Analyst

      “My career in ABA therapy is the “job” I am excited to go to every day…”

    • Brandy Hinkle, M.S., BCBA
      Behavior Analyst

      “Great benefits and a collaborative environment that facilitates personal growth.”

    • Tracy Lee, M.S., BCBA
      Behavior Analyst
    • Evan Skelton , M.A., BCBA
      Behavior Analyst

      ”There is no better reward than improving the quality of life for children and their families”

    • Stephanie Wack, M.A., BCBA
      Behavior Analyst

      “With each child comes a new learning experience.”

    • Jenna Harris, M.S., BCBA
      Behavior Analyst

      “Helping clients gain independence, increase their verbal behavior and reduce problem behaviors is so rewarding.”

    • Jacqueline Brand, B.A., BCBA
      Behavior Analyst

      ”I’m genuinely inspired daily by the passion of my coworkers and by the kids themselves.”

    • Angela Recht, B.S., BCaBA
      Assistant Behavior Analyst

      “Really Making a Difference in the Life of a Child…”

    • Jacob Vallejo, B.A. & B.S., BCaBA
      Assistant Behavior Analyst

      “Once I saw first hand the principles applied improved the lives of children with exceptionalities, there was no going back.”

    • Jennifer Vergara, B.S., BCaBA
      Assistant Behavior Analyst
    • Kelsey O’Neil, B.A., BCaBA
      Assistant Behavior Analyst
    • Jennifer Simpkins, M.A., BCaBA
      Assistant Behavior Analyst
    • Taylor Butts, BA, BCaBA
      Assistant Behavior Analyst

      “Not only do I get my make a positive impact in our clients daily lives but I get to do it in such a collaborative and supportive environment!”

    • Sarah Gonzalez, B.A., BCaBA
      Assistant Behavior Analyst
    • Sandy Au Yeung, B.A., BCaBA
      Assistant Behavior Analyst

      “An environment where the common goal for our kids is a higher quality of life”

    • Samantha Ryan, B.A., BCaBA
    • Sarah Castro, B.A., BCaBA
      Assistant Behavior Analyst

      “Creative and Individualized Methods to Improve Lives.”

    • Loryn Garver, B.A., BCaBA
      Assistant Behavior Analyst

      “The best part of my job is being able to see my clients progress and grow in so many different ways!”