At BCOTB, we offer help with reading, language, and math skills using a Direct Instruction curricula developed by the Scientific Research Associates (SRA), a part of the McGraw Hill School Education. Direct Instruction is an evidence based instructional model that emphasizes the use of explicit and systematic teaching procedures to improve student performance. We offer three different Direct Instruction programs.

These include:

In order to get started on each of these programs, your child will first be assessed using the VB-MAPP curriculum. If your child has a complete or mostly complete VB-MAPP (4 year old language level), they are eligible to begin the placement tests for each SRA program. Once they are placed, they can begin instruction. Each program is divided into lessons and there are regular mastery tests in order to ensure the student is learning appropriate skills and progressing at a reasonable rate.

For more information regarding BCOTB’s Scientific Research Associates (SRA), please contact us at 813-814-2000.

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