Toilet Training

BCOTB offers an intensive toilet training program where behavior therapists work individually with your child in your home. The toilet training program uses an evidence- based, behavior analytic approach to teach your child how to succeed in toilet training using positive reinforcement. Toilet training can be scheduled once your child has met a particular set of pre-requisite skills. These skills may include:

  • Your child can remain dry for an appropriate amount of time for their age
  • Your child pulls their pants up and down
  • Your child can sit on toilet for a few minutes at a time

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will meet with you to review the process before the training begins in order to teach you useful tools for success. In addition, the BCBA will monitor the progress throughout the toilet training instruction to aid the therapists in ensuring your child progresses as quickly as possible.

After the initial meeting, a team of therapists will come to your home for three 12 hour shifts during the weekend to teach your child how to appropriately use the toilet and work towards a successful and generalizable outcome. Therapists working in the home will keep data on the successes and progress, and update parents every step of the way. The ultimate goal of the toilet training process is to teach your child how to self initiate going to the bathroom appropriately without prompting.  A self-initiation includes the child walking over to the toilet and using it independently.  The toilet training process is intensive, but well worth the hard work and dedication!

For more information regarding BCOTB’s Toilet Training services, please contact us at 813-814-2000.