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aba therapy

ABA Therapy

Improving the lives of children with autism by providing tools to bring about meaningful and positive changes in behavior.
feeding therapy

Feeding Therapy

Intensive, behaviorally based feeding therapy to assist with food aversions.
toilet training

Toilet Training

Teaching independence and self-care through one of life’s most valuable skills.

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Our Programs

1.5-3.5 Years Old

tolder achievement

Toddler Achievement Program

To Meet Critical & Developmental Milestones

3.5-5 Years Old

aba school readiness

School Readiness Program

Build a Foundation for Success

5-10 Years Old

aba school success

School Success Program

Maximizing School Potential

Whatever BCOTB is doing is working wonders

“It’s extremely difficult to put in words how much BCOTB has meant to us and our son. However, I want other parents to know how special this place is, so I’ll try…Our son had just turned 2 and my wife was concerned with a couple behaviors he had been exhibiting. They were rather subtle, so I didn’t pick up on anything. This was very much “mother’s intuition.” Even our pediatrician thought he was fine. We took him to see a child psychologist to be proactive (Dr. Danielle Sutton in Tampa was amazing), and after observation, she diagnosed him with ASD. It was difficult to hear, but we got him into therapy right away. He has been going to BCOTB since April 2015 and he absolutely loves it. He has worked with several therapists since then and they are all amazing, special people who we trust completely. In the past few years, it has been nothing short of remarkable to see his progress. When looking at the charts that quantify his progress, it shows him almost caught up to where he should be. But as his dad and interacting with him, I don’t need to see charts to tell how much BCOTB has helped him. We feel absolutely blessed to have BCOTB in our lives.

We actually took our son to see Dr. Sutton 6 months into therapy to see what she thought of his progress. She was ecstatic. She made a comment that I thought was worth sharing. After observing our son, she said (and I’m paraphrasing) “Whatever BCOTB is doing is working wonders. Unfortunately, many kids come in after going to an ABA clinic, and they just do ‘pony tricks.’ It’s not really developmental progress or social skills and it gives ABA a bad name.” And I wanted to say, as a dad/parent, don’t be afraid. If you feel something is off with your child, no matter how slight, take your child to be evaluated. Don’t be so afraid of a potential diagnosis that you don’t get them the help they need. The sooner you intervene, the bigger the impact therapy can have. I have seen other parents “wait it out” and hope their child catches up, and it’s heartbreaking. Every day counts. I hope you find this helpful.”

aba career

Careers at BCOTB

At BCOTB our therapy team’s hard work and dedication are the driving force behind the success of our clients. A career at BCOTB provides employees with an industry-leading reward package and training programs that are recognized for their excellence and opportunities for continued growth.

Meet Our Certifieds

The staff of BCOTB has been recognized for their efforts regarding autism and other developmental disabilities by several local, national and international organizations. The staff at BCOTB provides services in the clinic as well as in the home or in the community to meet the needs of your family.

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