aba therapy

ABA Therapy

Improving the lives of children with autism by providing tools to bring about meaningful and positive changes in behavior.
speech therapy

Speech Therapy

Assessment, diagnosis and treatment for speaking, listening, writing and other communication-related issues.
occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy

Strengthening everyday skills through purposeful activity to improve or restore a normal or satisfied life.

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Our Programs

1.5-3.5 Years Old

tolder achievement

Toddler Achievement Program

To Meet Critical & Developmental Milestones

3.5-5 Years Old

aba school readiness

School Readiness Program

Build a Foundation for Success

5-10 Years Old

aba school success

School Success Program

Maximizing School Potential
aba career

Careers at BCOTB

At BCOTB our therapy team’s hard work and dedication are the driving force behind the success of our clients. A career at BCOTB provides employees with an industry-leading reward package and training programs that are recognized for their excellence and opportunities for continued growth.

Meet Our Certifieds

The staff of BCOTB has been recognized for their efforts regarding autism and other developmental disabilities by several local, national and international organizations. The staff at BCOTB provides services in the clinic as well as in the home or in the community to meet the needs of your family.