By Samantha Ryan, BCaBA and Blair Ortman, BCBA

School Readiness Program

BCOTB has created an innovative program to help your child shine in his or her classroom! Our School Success Program (SSP) is for children ages five-to-ten and is intended to help develop all those necessary classroom skills that impress teachers and help children be successful.

Here are some of the skills SSP teaches:

  • Sitting for a group lesson
  • Attending to a teacher
  • Transitioning between activities
  • Soliciting help in the classroom
  • Answering questions about the calendar, weather, and holidays
  • Interacting appropriately with others in a group
  • Attending to and responding to questions related to a book
  • Completing unit-themed crafts
  • Completing independent work

Our School Success Program (SSP) is scheduled during our clients’ typical session time and takes place in a specially designed room that mimics a typical classroom setting. Your child will still have his or her one-on-one therapist assist him or her during instruction, but a group teacher will lead the day’s lesson. Your child’s one-on-one therapist will be there to guide your child through the lesson as needed, while fading their own assistance and fostering independence.

Our School Success Program (SSP) has these benefits:

  • Comprehensive reporting of individual achievement through data collection and graphs
  • Supervision and oversight by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Parent support to further generalize progress
  • School observations to assess generalization and modify SSP on an individual basis

A typical lesson from our School Success Program will have your child talking about the calendar and weather, attending to a book and lesson on a unit-themed topic, answering teacher questions, transitioning between small-group instruction and independent work, and socializing with peers for greetings and farewells.

Providing your child with the skills to be successful in school is a major stepping-stone that leads to independence. If you want to know more about BCOTB’s School Success Program or the Child Achievement Track as a whole, please contact BCOTB at (813) 814-2000 to schedule an appointment for a complimentary meet and greet.

Published On: July 18th, 2019 / Categories: ADHD/Learning Disabilities, Learning, Self-Help Skills, Social Skills /

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