During this global pandemic, BCOTB is working hard to provide the highest-quality ABA therapy services while maintaining the health and safety of our clients and staff. For those reasons, BCOTB has expanded the services that we provide to allow for flexibility for our families and staff members.

COVID Services

BCOTB now offers in-clinic, in-home, and TeleHealth therapy services.

In-Clinic Services:

In accordance with the CDC, BCOTB has worked to establish social-distancing guidelines and has minimized the number of clients being seen in clinic, as well as the number of therapy staff in clinic. BCOTB is offering private therapy spaces to all clients that we are able to accommodate in our clinics during this time, as well as heightened, proactive security, screening, and cleaning measures to maintain the health of our families.

In-Home Services:

BCOTB now offers in-home therapy to allow our families to abide by the stay-at-home order while receiving ABA therapy services. Although ABA therapy is a medically necessary service, our team recognizes the concerns of our families and staff members and are working to limit the amount of people our team and families come into contact with.

With in-home therapy, our team members work with caregivers and other family members to identify a space that is free from distraction, define a space where NET (natural environment teaching) work should be done, and work with the caregiver to allocate what should be used as reinforcers. It is our goal that sessions look as close to what they would look like in clinic, with modifications.

TeleHealth ABA Therapy Services:

TeleHealth therapy services are the delivery of ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapy through a predetermined, secure web portal. Via our TeleHealth services, clinicians work directly with the caregiver(s) and learner to apply the child’s individualized treatment program without a clinician being present in the home. TeleHealth services allow BCOTB to support caregivers if they have heightened exposure risks, do not feel comfortable with a clinician in home, or they (or someone in the household) becomes ill.

BCOTB is here to support all current, active clients, as well as the Autism community in the Tampa Bay area. We continue to assess all risks and implement proactive measures to maintain services for children who need them with little to no interruptions.

If you are interested in services for your learner, please contact us today! If your learner is a current, active client and you wish to explore one of the therapy options listed above that you are currently not taking advantage of, please speak to your child’s clinic’s Manager of Operations or Clinical Coordinator to discuss changes or additional therapy hours.

We look forward to continuing to work together with our families and therapy team while we navigate these unchartered waters.

Published On: April 7th, 2020 / Categories: ADHD/Learning Disabilities /

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