Autism, ABA Therapy, and Back-to-School 2024: As we prepare for the 2024-2025 school year, BCOTB is committed to providing comprehensive support for your child’s education and ABA therapy needs related to Autism. We understand the importance of tailored care for each unique child.

Understanding Your Options

Choosing the right program for your child’s upcoming school year involves careful consideration, particularly when it comes to ABA therapy, which is essential for their development and success:

Florida Age Requirement: In Florida, children are not required to attend school until they turn six by February 1st of the school year. This rule applies to children with Autism, as well as all children, no matter their background or learning needs.

Hybrid Scheduling Option: Our hybrid schedule offers morning ABA therapy sessions, ensuring intensive therapy while gradually introducing school attendance. This approach provides:

  • Flexibility: Students can attend school on designated days and receive ABA therapy on others, accommodating individualized needs.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Continued intensive ABA therapy supports skill development crucial for classroom success.
  • Safety: Intensive therapy addresses safety concerns such as elopement and aggression, teaching essential safety-related skills.

Private School Shadowing: Pending insurance approval, we offer 1:1 pullout and shadowing services in private schools, providing personalized support aligned with school requirements.

Late Arrival/Early Release – Medical Necessity: We can facilitate medical necessity letters for late arrivals or early dismissals from school, ensuring uninterrupted therapy hours.

Public School Services: While navigating approvals for public school settings requires coordination, we are dedicated to exploring this option for students needing support.

Funding Options: We understand the financial impact of therapy costs and actively seek funding options and scholarships like Step-Up for Students, Jacob’s Touch, and UnitedHealthcare’s Medical Scholarship. These resources can significantly reduce out-of-pocket expenses. Learn more about Step-Up for Students here:

Your Partner in Progress

Your child’s progress and goals are our top priority. We encourage you to discuss these options with your child’s case manager before finalizing their school schedule. Our dedicated team is here to support your family throughout this journey.

Thank you for trusting BCOTB with your child’s ABA therapy services. We look forward to a successful school year ahead.

To read more about Florida Department of Education’s attendance policies, click here:

Founded in 2003 by Kelley Prince, M.A., BCBA, BCOTB (Behavioral Consulting of Tampa Bay) has proudly served the Tampa Bay Autism community for over 20 years. Kelley and her dedicated team have supported over a thousand families, focusing on personalized care for each child. We are now enrolling for fall with no current waitlists. Contact us today to speak with a team member about your child’s ABA therapy needs!

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