Early intervention is key to help children on the Autism spectrum achieve maximum results, but do you know what signs to look for or what help you can get for children under the age of 3?

Recently on the T.V. show ‘Morning Blend’ our Clinical Coordinator, Didiana De La Osa, M.S., BCBA and Dr. Nicole Agresto, PsyD. explained the signs of Autism and how early intervention is the key to achieving maximum results.

Click the image to play the video:

About Behavioral Consulting of Tampa Bay

BCOTB, Behavioral Consulting of Tampa Bay, implements Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with an emphasis on verbal behavior for children with Autism and related disorders. BCOTB’s skill acquisition programs are customized for each child’s learning needs and focus on teaching language and communication, self-help skills, compliance behavior and appropriate peer and social skills. BCOTB provides discreet trial teaching in addition to natural environment teaching, while using errorless learning techniques. To maintain the highest level of service, BCOTB’s Board Certified Behavior Analysts provide intensive training and daily supervision to its Behavior Therapists.

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