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BCOTB takes immense pride in the way our team members have worked together, in collaboration with our caregivers, to ensure that our ABA therapy services continued during the global pandemic.

BCOTB continues to follow all CDC guidelines, with the option of facemasks to be worn by adults in our clinics. The requirement for the implementation of hospital-grade cleaning and sanitizing protocols and the requirement of any exposure, quarantine, or testing notices, etc. is a top priority at BCOTB to keep your learner healthy and safe. We will continue, as we have, to notify families if there are any direct exposures to their learners or any other information deemed high importance.

Our team continues to watch all items related to COVID-19, inclusive of the current uptick in numbers in relation to the rising variants, and will notify caregivers if any changes with the above policies occur.

Our team is proud of the way we have implemented COVID-19 policies and procedures, as they have been nothing short of effective and successful. We have greatly appreciated everyone working with and continuing to work with our team to achieve success with ABA therapy services while navigating the unforeseen events that were and are 2022. And we look forward to continuing to serve our families with the hope that we will see ‘normal’ in the near future.