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  • Verbal Behavior Program

    Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis on Verbal Behavior (ABA/VB) is a methodology, based on research, that is used to address functional skills, such as language/communication, self-help skills, play skills, social skills, and complying with instruction. Verbal behavior services consist of 2-4 hour sessions, 3 to 5 times weekly.

  • Feeding Therapy

    At BCOTB, we offer intensive, behaviorally based feeding therapy to assist with food aversions. The purpose of our feeding program is to expand the child’s food preferences, introduce new foods to the child’s diet, and decrease the problem behaviors associated with feeding.

  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

    Navigating the school system can feel overwhelming, with parents often feeling outnumbered and unprepared for Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings. BCOTB offers IEP support to all of its clients.

  • Social Skills/Peer Play

    BCOTB views social skills as an important group of behaviors that can be taught and learned with appropriate instructional techniques. Research suggests that Behavioral Skills Training (BST) is a highly effective way to teach social skills.

  • Functional Behavior Assessments

    An FBA is a preferred method of examining problem behavior because it provides information regarding the events that take place immediately before and after a behavior. All behavior has a function or a reason for occurring. FBAs shed light on the environment and how it contributes to your child’s behavior.

  • Toilet Training

    BCOTB offers an intensive toilet training program where behavior therapists work individually with your child in your home. The toilet training program uses an evidence- based, behavior analytic approach to teach your child how to succeed in toilet training using positive reinforcement.

  • School Shadowing

    If your child’s teacher reports that he or she has difficulty working independently and staying on-task, he or she may benefit from school shadowing services. BCOTB sends a qualified therapist to work with your child one-on-one in the classroom for either a portion or the entirety of the school day.

  • SRA

    At BCOTB, we offer help with reading, language, and math skills using a Direct Instruction curricula developed by the Scientific Research Associates (SRA), a part of the McGraw Hill School Education.

  • Problem Behaviors

    BCOTB develops specialized behavior reduction programs for children who may or may not have a diagnosis of autism, but who regularly engage in problem behavior.