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Potty Training*

BCOTB provides intensive toilet training designed to teach children to be independent with using the bathroom, regardless of their setting. While many training websites and manuals on toileting suggest timers and prompts for toileting success, BCOTB remains the premier facility for refining the toilet training process and teaching learners to be autonomous. BCOTB’s programming teaches children to respond to their own natural sensation of needing to urinate, instead of responding to prompts or timers.

*Please note that Toilet Training is an add on service for children currently enrolled in one of BCOTB’s programs.

Build Toileting Independence With Our Training

BCOTB’s training is 36 hours to afford ample time to contrive and reinforce successful trips to the bathroom, teach your child to request to use the bathroom, and help caregivers implement procedures with fidelity. An experienced BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) oversees each toilet training and remains on-call to answer questions and provide guidance, while RBTs (Registered Behavior Technicians) provide instruction in-home or in-clinic.
Signs your child is ready:
Independence with dressing pants/shorts
Can hold bladder for an hour
Willing to sit on the toilet for at least two minutes
Accepts fluids without refusal

Need Help Toilet Training?

Children affected by an autism spectrum disorder or similar diagnosis can be difficult to toilet train. Download our 36 hour Toilet Training Guide.
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How Do I Get Started?

Contact BCOTB today to schedule a complimentary meet and greet to discuss toilet training and your child’s unique needs. Toilet training is covered by insurance under ABA therapy, and BCOTB also has private pay rates available.

Independent toileting is paramount to one’s autonomy and dignity. Few other life-skills are so taken for granted. BCOTB is proud to help children access this ability so they can continue to grow in their own community and flourish.

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