Does your child require assistance to perform everyday tasks and routines?

BCOTB can create an individualized program for your child that in addition to helping them acquire language and reduce problem behavior, can also teach them functional skills, such as washing their hands. This can be accomplished using a Task Analysis, which lists all the individual steps that are included in accomplishing a more complex activity. These steps are then taught sequentially in order to help your child acquire necessary skills.

A Task Analysis can look like this:

  1. Turn on water
  2. Wet hands
  3. Squirt soap into extended hand
  4. Rub hands together, rubbing palms and backs of hands for a count of 10
  5. Rub hands together and turn hands over until all soap is rinsed of
  6. Turn off water
  7. Grab towel
  8. Dry hands

Our certified staff will work with your child and create a list that is tailored to their specific needs. Some children require more detailed Task Analyses than others, so we may ask your child to perform some functional skills in one of our clinics in order to evaluate their current skill set.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us at 813-814-2000.

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