ABA Therapy for Kids with Autism

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy is an evidence-based treatment to improve the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and similar diagnoses by teaching socially-significant skills, resulting in a decrease in challenging behaviors and an increase in functional language and independence. Our goal is to provide children with the tools needed to live meaningful lives in inclusive environments.

At BCOTB, we serve children ages 18 months to 11 years old, with a focus on early intervention. Each child in our program receives an initial assessment from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who then develops an individualized treatment plan to address the core deficits of Autism, with a focus on your child’s unique needs.

BCOTB is Tampa’s premier provider of clinic-based ABA therapy. While the majority of our services are conducted in clinic, we offer some services in other environments such as home, school, and the community. Please contact one of our offices to see if your child is a candidate for one of our service models.

What is Autism?

ABA Therapy Programs

At BCOTB, we serve children ages 18 months to 11 years old, with a focus on early intervention. Each child in our program receives an initial assessment with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who then develops an individualized treatment plan to address the core deficits of Autism, with a focus on your child’s unique needs.

While an ASD diagnosis is not a requirement to receive services from BCOTB, private insurance companies require a formal diagnosis of ASD (F 84.0) in order to cover the cost of services. If your child does not have an ASD diagnosis, BCOTB’s team can assist you with providing referrals to local physicians who can evaluate your child. We can also discuss private pay options if your policy does not cover ABA therapy or if your child does not have an ASD diagnosis in addition to other funding options such as grants.


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Energy Generation

Autism ABA

1.5 – 3.5 Years Old

Toddler Achievement Program

To Meet Critical & Developmental Milestones

3.5 – 5 Years Old

School Readiness Progress

Build A Foundation For Success

Autism School

5 – 10 Years Old

School Success Program

Maximizing School Potential

Saturday Skills ABA Class

8 – 11 Years Old

Saturday Social Skills

Refine A Child’s Social Skills In A Group Setting

Foundational Services

Speech Therapy

Verbal Behavior Program

Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis on Verbal Behavior (ABA/VB) is a methodology, based on research, used to teach functional skills such as language and communication, self-help skills, play skills, social skills, and responding to instruction.

Feeding Therapy

At BCOTB, we offer intensive, behaviorally-based feeding therapy to assist with food aversions. The purpose of our feeding program is to expand the child’s food preferences, introduce new foods to the child’s diet, and decrease the problem behaviors associated with feeding. We work in conjunction with your child’s doctor to ensure the foods targeted are appropriate for their dietary needs.

ABA for School Success

Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

Navigating the public school system can feel overwhelming, with parents often feeling outnumbered and unprepared for Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings. BCOTB offers IEP support to all of its clients. Your child’s case manager will request a drafted copy of the IEP prior to the meeting in order to review the document, in advance. He/She will then attend the IEP meetings with you to help advocate for your child to receive the most appropriate classroom placement, set up appropriate classroom goals, allow for accommodations and modifications to the instruction, if needed, and to receive other services such as Speech Therapy or Occupational Therapy.

Social Skills/Peer Play

BCOTB views social skills as an important group of behaviors that can be taught and acquired with appropriate instructional techniques. Research suggests that Behavioral Skills Training (BST) is a highly effective way to teach social skills. BCOTB uses Skillstreaming, a social skills curriculum, to teach pro-social behaviors in individual therapy sessions and in a group setting on Saturdays for children who qualify for the program.

In Clinic ABA Therapy
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Functional Behavior Assessments

A Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) is a preferred method of examining problem behavior because it provides information regarding the events that take place immediately before and after a behavior. All behavior has a function or reason for occurring and FBAs help assess the environment and how it contributes to your child’s behavior. After sufficient information is obtained through interviews with caregivers, data collection, and direct observations to determine the function(s) of the behavior(s), you will be provided with an individualized plan to address the behaviors of concern. All pertinent caregivers will be trained on strategies to prevent the behavior from occurring, how to teach appropriate replacement behaviors, and how to respond when the problem behavior occurs. We will then provide follow-up to ensure that the behavioral techniques were effective for reducing the target behaviors.

Toilet Training

BCOTB offers an intensive, 36-hour, toilet training program where qualified Registered Behavior Techniques work individually with your child in your home. The toilet training program uses an evidence-based, behavior analytic approach to teach your child how to succeed in toilet training using positive reinforcement.

Toilet Training
ABA Therapy What You Need To Know

School Shadowing

If your child’s teacher reports that he or she has difficulty working independently and staying on-task, he or she may benefit from school shadowing services. When permitted by your insurance policy and school, BCOTB sends a qualified therapist to support your child in the classroom by working on appropriate social skills, responding in a group setting, following specific instructions, transitioning between activities, staying on-task, and reducing challenging behaviors that interfere with learning.


At BCOTB, we offer help with reading, language, and math skills using a Direct Instruction curriculum developed by the Scientific Research Associates (SRA), a part of the McGraw Hill School Education.

School Shadowing
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Not Sure What Your Child Needs?

Contact the team at BCOTB to discuss your child’s needs and learn how our programming can lead to positive outcomes for the whole family. We offer complimentary meet and greets with a Clinical Coordinator, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, to determine which services or programs are the right fit for your child so you can feel confident that they are receiving the right care for their unique needs. If BCOTB does not have the best services suited for your child’s needs, we can help you with finding a provider who is better equipped to support your family.

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