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Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Specialized Instructional Services

Florida’s Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Specialized Instructional Services (VPK SIS) is an alternative method for children who are four years old and have individual educational plans (IEP) from their local school districts. If your child’s IEP calls for specialized services, such as Applied Behavior Analysis, you have the option of choosing these services over a traditional Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten school year or summer program.

Prepare Them For Kindergarten

The purpose of this program is to prepare your child for kindergarten by teaching them necessary school-readiness skills. As an approved VPK-SIS provider our services can help children develop these skills and perform at a more age-appropriate level. We will develop individually tailored programs and work with your child in a one-on-one setting as opposed to classroom settings found in typical VPK programs.

Our Programs May Include:

Early academic skills
Appropriate play with peers
Learning to wait appropriately
Following instructions
Remaining seated and on-task

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Promote Learning & Improve Success

We use Applied Behavior Analysis to create an environment which will promote learning and foster peer interactions. Sessions for children in this program are conducted in a more instructional setting, such as a separate therapy room. Some therapy rooms are large enough to have up to three children working in the same area in order to resemble a small classroom. We create these settings in order to promote generalization to school settings and improve success in classrooms.

For more information regarding BCOTB’s VPK SIS Program, please contact us at 813-814-2000.

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